Hi, I am Ida Swarczewskaja, an Experience Design Director based in Paris. I spent over 12 years in tech companies in France and Silicon Valley building SaaS products, leading product design, running teams of designers and developers.

Driven by excitement of building new technologies, I assist executives in product strategy and bring my user-centered approach to product development in rapidly growing environments.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, I bring tech companies my ability to build and lead teams, put in place processes, create a user-entered culture, provide support and develop a team potential. Working closely with product and engineering teams, I stay focused on user needs and help teams to create products with a strong design and an engaging user experience.

Marketplace Platform Experience Design

I built and lead the Experience Design team at Mirakl, the global provider of Marketplace Solutions. To efficiently organize design resources for four B2B product lines (Marketplace of Products, Marketplace of Services, Catalog Management and Mirakl Connect), I created the Mirakl Design System and launched a UX Workshops Program to collect user feedback and test designs.

Peps Mobile App Experience Design

I led design and user experience of the iOS app for Peps, a secure communication platform. The main challenge was to create a smooth navigation through lists, view and edit pages, select features accessible throught the bottom menu, manage notifications and security features.

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Collaboration Platform Experience Design

I was in charge of the Experience Design and Front-End development for Peps, a suite of encrypted communication applications that features email, file sharing, contact management, dashboard view, settings user interfaces and experiences. My goal was to create a smooth user experience despite the security features.

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Secure Chat Experience Design

Peps Chat is a secure, encrypted instant messaging app, which integrates seamlessly with the Peps communication platform. I led design and user experience, animated focus groups with end users to collect feedback and adapt prototypes to business use cases.

Product Marketing & Website

To prepare the launch of the PEPS platform I worked on a product website concept, product marketing and use cases for the product presentation video.

Real-time Collaboration Mobile App Experience Design

To enhance real-time document co-editing experience, I worked on the mobile application for SharePad. I created a minimalistic design and focused on removing all unnecessary information on mobile viewport to allow frictionless document editing experience.

Real-time Collaboration Platform Design and Development

Inspired by the efficiency of SaaS productivity applications and driven by the excitement of the new ways of online collaboration, I created SharePad. The app allows teams to work simultaneously with a simplified document workflow and focus on what matters: Content. My main goal was to improve co-editing and document sharing user experience.

Redesign Challenge: iOS7 Apps Icons

It was my take of iOS 7 icon set. In June 2013 Jony Ive brought us a fresh icon concept, but... unfinished! I redesigned apps vector icons using Sketch app. My redesign was featured in several blogs, such Iconfinder, Designmodo and others.

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