Hi, I am Ida Swarczewskaja, a product designer based in Paris. Passionate by UI, UX, Web and mobile, I love to craft neat user-friendly interfaces and experiences, especially for productivity apps. I'm an early Sketch app adopter.

I believe that the success of an application depends on users adoption. Thinking users first allows me to create concepts that will bring users features they need navigating through the interface without pain.

A good product should be easy-to-use and bring users features they need. My role as a designer is to: understand key features and put them forward; keep the interface clean and simple; add personality and create a visual harmony.

Almost every application runs on multiple supports and devices. The challenge is to bring the best experience on each platform, scale the interface for multiple screen sizes, make them responsive which requires to embrace technical issues.

PEPS mobile app design

PEPS is an open source secure communication platform. I worked with MLstate team to design PEPS mobile app user interfaces and experiences for iOS. I created wireframes and worked with developers to implement user experience.

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Designing UI & UX for PEPS communication platform

PEPS is a next-generation open source email and collaboration server with transparent end-to-end encryption. I’ve been working with MLstate team for over 18 months on a suite of secure communication applications. I designed prototypes and implemented design of email, file sharing, dashboard, contacts, settings user interfaces and experiences.

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Designing UI & UX for PEPS chat

PEPS chat is a secure instant messaging app, which integrates seamlessly with the PEPS communication platform. I designed and implemented PEPS chat user interface and experience.

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MLstate.com website design

MLstate is a company behind the Opa technology and the PEPS communication platform. I created propotypes, designed and coded web interfaces and wrote content of mlstate.com website. I also worked on a scenario of the product video introducing PEPS.

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Designing user experience for SharePad mobile app

Crafting Sharepad mobile app user experiences: Text editing options, document sharing, viewing online users and settings.

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Developing SharePad, a real-time collaboration app

SharePad enables teams to work simultaneously on the same document: Simplified editing workflow allows users to focus on the content and collaborate more efficiently. I founded SharePad project, designed and developed user interfaces and experiences.

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Vector redesign of iOS7 apps icons

It was my take of iOS 7 icon set. in June 2013 Jony Ive brought us a fresh icon concept, but... unfinished! I redesigned apps vector icons using Sketch app. My redesign was featured in several blogs, such Iconfinder, Designmodo and others.

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